Getting to know IT's origin

Since young I've always heard the sound of bike horn and other sounds completing the afternoon vibe of my neighborhood. I never wondered or questioned where does all this snacks or food come from? This holiday I got to visit a station for penjual roti keliling (bread seller). To my surprise, the place was very dark and dirty. The worker cut the loaf of bread manually with an odd shape knife that has been sharpened too many times. With the use of stapler or fire, they seal the plastic that holds the bread that they just prepared. And of course, all of this was done without washing his hands first. I do not blame him for the condition, since the bread itself comes at a very cheap price, it is only Rp 8000 in Indonesia's currency (around US $0.60). I'm sure if we value their work more, then they'll be able to work in a better condition and hygiene.